Giving Tuesday

SardinienHunde e.V. is supporting the Italian animal welfare organization “LIDA Sezione Olbia” with the shelter "I Fratelli Minori" near the airport Olbia. To date there are living over 700 dogs and hundreds of cats.

As a result of the uncontrolled increase of animals living on the street stems from a lack of awareness or interest. In recent month the number of newborn puppies and kittens raised extremely high. At the moment volunteers from the shelter speak about a real "Flood of puppies"!

Many of those are already ill or wounded and in urgent need of medical care. Due to a lack of resources, people from the shelter have problems to buy the appropriate food for the animals, especially for puppies, that need food containing the vital nutrients. Many of them have lost the warmth and nourishing milk of their mothers far too early in their lives. Their bodies need to have the chance to prepare a defense against the hot summers and the cold wet winters.

Castration, sterilization, and educating people but also consistent prosecution and punishment of animal cruelty are necessary to prevent future suffering of both cats and dogs. But the animals, for which that prevention comes too late, are in need of help because they "exist" and feel physical pain, hunger, thirst, fear and mental anguish. So please help these animals as they have nothing but their bare lives. Due to the annual flood of puppies twice a year we need as soon as possible high quality food for them and your help is highly appreciated! You can donate food and other urgently needed things via our bank account with the reason for payment “Puppy-Flood”:

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You can also donate via PayPal:

For more detailed information or about other possibilities to help, please feel free to ask questions and contact us via   In the name of our animals . Mille grazie!

SardinienHunde e.V. fordert den sofortigen Stopp des Krieges!. In Gedanken bei allen Menschen und Tieren der Ukraine! 

SardinienHunde e.V. ist Unterzeichner der Selbstverpflichtungserklärung der Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft.

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